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Rising Star

Rising Stars: Meet Asya Yurchenko!

One of the biggest strengths of linguistics, for me, is its multidisciplinary nature. Because of how central language is to the human experience, its connection to practically all areas of our lives cannot be understated. This makes cooperation between linguistics and other fields such as psychology, anthropology, neurobiology, law, social and forensic sciences as well as computer science a logical endeavor. In the future, I foresee these multidisciplinary ties becoming even stronger, with linguists being able to contribute even more to different fields where our expertise might be required. For instance, although the discipline of forensic linguistics is already thriving, with experts in the field constantly contributing important findings to the existing body of knowledge, I expect to see forensic linguists and other forensic experts working together more closely in the future on a variety of language-related elements of crime. Furthermore, I foresee linguists entering and contributing more to those areas of research which, at the moment, are still mainly considered to be the domain of computer science, such as Natural Language Processing, AI, human-machine interaction, etc. Two areas from the sphere of computer science that I would like to see more...

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