About the LINGUIST List Fund Drive 2018

Welcome to the LINGUIST List 2018 Fund Drive!

As an academic service run by linguistics students and faculty, LINGUIST List relies on your donations to financially support the editing students and keep the operation working. Our readers' support goes directly to fund the students who edit the mailing list and website; without that support, we'd have nobody to send out the information you rely on. And so each year, we pull out all the stops to create a brand-new website, stocked with contests, original content, and amusements; we write heartfelt pleas; we share the exclusive autobiographies of our linguistic colleagues from all over the world; we compose and perform original songs; we offer delightful thank-you gifts. In short, we do everything we can to win the goodwill (or pity) of our subscribers, followers, and website users to encourage their donations.

As many of you know, The LINGUIST List is now in its 29th year of existence. On the 13th of December 1990, Anthony Aristar posted from the University of Western Australia the first email to LINGUIST, announcing together with Helen Aristar Dry the launch of the new list. Helen and Anthony were ending their message with this comment:

"Let us say in ending that making a list of this kind a success depends crucially on initiating an ongoing dialogue between participants. Once this dialogue has been properly begun, the list acquires a life of its own, and little further effort is required to maintain its existence. To this end, we earnestly ask you all to begin contributing, and aid therefore in the continuance of LINGUIST."

They were more than right. The list acquired a life of its own. It has been serving the linguistic community for almost 28 years now. It has grown from a mailing list to a major web portal and a social media site.

They were quite wrong about the "little further effort" to maintain its existence. They are surely very aware of that now.

The operation requires a lot of effort by the team of editing and supporting students and programmers. It is very much unique in providing a moderated mailing list infrastructure with human editing services and post-publishing support for corrections, changes, and updates to posted information. This human touch makes it unique, efficient, important, and interesting. It offers an interactive service with a team of dedicated linguistics students, learning about the academic scene and life of linguistics, learning about running the list service and a complex website, about posting on social media platforms, organizing fund drives, and also doing linguistic research. It has been a pleasure to have the LINGUIST List crew around, to be part of them.

We are proud that LINGUIST List has been serving the linguistics community for the almost 30 years. We hope to lay the ground for another 30 to come. The fund drive is necessary to keep LINGUIST List running. Please help the LINGUIST List Team to achieve this goal.

Fund Drive is always a global affair, with participation from donors, schools, and publishers from around the world. We are glad to have numerous supporters from all around the globe.

This year, the recent uptick in effort by filmmakers and content-creators to imagine and portray language and linguistics has inspired us to reflect on our roles in society and culture as scholars and language-specialists. We hope you will join us in celebrating the history of our science, our subject, and its unusual, often amusing place in the history of pop culture, alongside our 2018 fund drive. Together we've worked tirelessly to do our part in creating a scientifically rich world, and we hope you will help us continue to do so.

Please support LINGUIST List and donate!

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