Mudon, Mon State, Burma (Myanmar)

Hometown of Lwin Moe

Mudon is a small town in southern Burma, also known as Myanmar. It is located between Gulf of Mataban in the west and Thailand in the east.

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Population and languages spoken

The population of the town was only 3,000 when I was growing up. Most people there are from the ethnic group Mon. The town also hosts a large number of Burman population. In addition, Chinese, Indians and other ethnic groups such as Karens add to the diversity of the town.

Burmese and Mon are primary languages of the town. Burmese is used in school and office communication.

Getting to and around town

To get to my hometown, we have to take a bus or a train from the capital of Burma, Rangoon. It's about 200 miles south of Rangoon. Yet, it takes nearly 10 hours to get there from the capital.

I always enjoy taking buses or trains to go to my hometown even though they are usually crowded. It gives me a chance to learn local cultures and locals' lives.

I was travelling on this truck.

Train to go to my town


You have to learn to sleep under a seat on the train.

Elizabeth sleeping

Even though the buses and trains are crowded, the scenery along the road is very beautiful.

The view from the bus


The view from the train


Some people make a living as street vendors. The watermelon girls like her (in the picture) are commonly seen along the train or bus route to my town, especially during hot summer days.

Watermelon girl

Selling salad at a train station

Watermelon girl
Watermelon girl

To go around town, most people primarily used bicycles when I was growing up. I used a bicycle to go to school from sixth grade till I graduated from high school. Now, Chinese- and Thailand-made scooters are slowly taking their places. Cars are still considered luxuries. At least, we are saving the planet by not producing a high quantity of carbon monoxide. :)

Bullock carts are still in use.

I hope you enjoyed the virtual tour to my hometown.


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