Bloomington, Indiana:

Home of Indiana University
and the LINGUIST List

Hometown of Peace Han

Bloomington is the 7th largest city in the state of Indiana and the home of Indiana University's Bloomington campus, which is IU's original and largest campus. The defining characteristic of Bloomington (or, as locals call it, B-town) is its college atmosphere and vibrant and diverse cultural events, making it the perfect home for the student-run and operated LINGUIST List.

The iconic Sample Gates located at the end of Kirkwood Ave mark the campus's western border and the beginning of Bloomington's exciting downtown. Local bars and eateries offer plenty of eating options, and 4th Street is especially known for its selection of international cuisines, including Thai, Indian, Korean, and Chinese. Various cafes and teashops each have their own "vibes" that attract locals and students alike. Gift shops, clothing outlets, and ice cream stores can also be found here. Various local events like the local Farmers' Market, city parades, bike races, and the annual downtown lighting ceremony are all hosted at Kirkwood and on the city square. A full list of city events can be found here.

B-town "townies" take great pride in their city's history and diversity. Last year was Bloomington's 200th birthday, and the city celebrated with several events including a street fair, concerts, and bike tours. Local celebrations are taken very seriously here, and everyone from long-time residents to first-year undergrad students are invited to take part in the festivities, contributing to its unique small-town/college-town atmosphere. If you're ever craving Midwestern Hoosier hospitality (or if you just want to check out the LINGUIST List) be sure to stop by Bloomington!